ہمارے درمیاں

ہمارے درمیاں

تنگ و تاریک اور شکستہ گلی سے
روز گزر تے ہو
اور سورج تلے جلتی
اُسی پرانی بستی میں جانکلتے ہو
تمھاری زندگی
اسی انتہائی تجربے پر موقوف ہے
اور میں اس امید پر جیتا ہوں
کہ ایک دن تم
اپنے وجود کے اندر دور تک بچھی
کالی پگڈنڈی کو
کسی روشن خیال سے اُجال دوگے

English Translation

Between us!

As usual
you passes
through narrow, darkened and broken alley
to reach that old city
burned under the sun
This is your utmost experience
And I
continue to inhale in the hope
that one day
you will illuminate 
the dark trail,
which is stretched to the limit within yourself,
with a luminous thought!

Roman Urdu

Hamaray darmiyaN

Tang-o-taareek aor shikasta gali say
Roz guzartay ho
Aor sooraj talay jalti
Osi purani bastii main jaa nikaltay ho
Tumhari zindagi
Isi intihayi tajarbay par moqoof hay
Aor main is umeed par jeeta hoN
K aek din tum
Apnay wajood k andar door tak bichii
Kaali pagdandii ko
Kisi roshan Khayal say ujaal dogay!


8 comments on “ہمارے درمیاں

  1. tarjumah se asl ya asl, donon mein se kya ziadah khoob hai, kahna mushkil hai. lekin ek cheez tai hai, k nazm bahot hi khooboorat hai, istearati hone ke baad bhi haqeeqat hi hai.

  2. lovely! you gave a different look to the picture and the perspective!

  3. Hey Rafiullah. I loved this line in your poem ‘I continue to inhale in the hope’. It was beautiful to see (even though I didn’t understand) the poem in your language. It makes it even more exquisite. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write. 🙂 I hope to see you next week!

    – Ermisenda

    • Humm — Ermisenda, thanks for encouraging !
      Glad to see you relish even one line of the poem 🙂 but your expressions about the language are more interesting. Thanks a lot.
      I will try to be there!

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