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Rapt — the creator

Rapt — the creator

The moments of love
with the confusion wrapping their feet
as if a serpent
Creator wants to move it to the land of certainty
to make its marks

can a staggering prospect be born
with the seed of weak will
or is it so that the creator by sitting for long
in front of the canvas, thinks
of a new abstract experiment

in the net of the tunnels spread in his eyes
he is undulating the moving blood
with the warmth of waiting
when he is done with the illustration
on the canvas with water colors,
he will pluck the confession
which has eyelashes like a comet
from the eyes of beloved
and awake the smile sleeping for long
on the lips,
resembling sand waves of a desert

Why the creator can’t be partial,
who embodies his imagination and entrancement
and spreading the reflections here and there
And ……
the creator sits long, indifferently
in front of canvas
maintaining his oneness
and reflects the story
with a new angle!

Rafiullah Mian

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