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Rafiullah Mian Rrahi (Urdu رفیع اللہ میاں راہی born in Karachi ), a children stories writer and poet, born in the city of lights. A young and energetic person who always makes a positive approach. A journalist by profession, working in one of leading Urdu newspaper of Pakistan, Daily Express, Karachi. Being a writer he wrote more then 400 stories for children and teenagers in various children magazines and on special children pages of daily newspapers. He is writing short stories (in Urdu language) & poetry in leading literary magazines like Ijra, Karachi.

Current Working

Daily Express

Special supplements of a newspaper have an editorial section to develop specific marketing/Industrial subjects and to do & maintain all editorial work. This section is responsible for all editorial work of any special supplements like translation of companies profile, developing of analytical essays, proofing, editing and maintaining all kind of write-ups. In short I lead special supplement’s editorial side.
When we have to do a supplement on a specific subject like “World Intellectual Property Rights Day”, we have to do some research work on supposed subject on editorial side. Even I wrote many proposed messages behalf of Honourable President and Prime Minister of the country and many more on behalf of federal and provincial ministries.
I have done many Interviews of ministers, government officials, CEOs and many other social persons.

Past Working

1: Magazine Editor at Daily Jura’at
2: Daily Ummat

1: This was my first breakthrough (at Daily Jura’at) when I proofed my talent to lead a newspaper’s magazine. It was also a big challenge for me to do the job as one man show. In fact one translator was given to me to translate some articles from English in to Urdu. And I had had to go with five daily magazine pages (One each day on special subjects like Kids, Women, Literature, Entertainment etc.) and four weekly magazine pages. I done my job enthusiastically and proofed my self that the decision of the management was right.
I did many things to show my talent from writing articles on current affair, translating many international reports to transfer very interesting things from English like guinness world records and a famous international columnist Art Buchwald’s column. I also translated international weekly news magazine’s cover stories in Urdu like Time and Newsweek.
That was the time when all streamline newspapers in Pakistan were seeking the news stories about Middle East and that was it when the Gulf News and Khaleej Times were a man source of desired stories. I was the person who presented these stories first of all because of my day to day work decisions while the other newspapers were have to wait for their systems.

2: That was my first experience in Daily Ummat as a journalist. I was appointed to magazine section as a translator (English to Urdu). Specially I translated international and local odd news which develop an interest to go with magazines stories.
I saw the phase to develop my future prospects.


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